Keith White

Senior Debt Consultant

  • People-focused with financial product knowledge
  • Degrees in Business Studies and Theology
  • Breadth of life experience

Keith has worked in the debt industry for over 10 years providing information to customers on debt matters generally and solutions in particular. He has a relaxed and easy-going manner and is able to explain sometimes complicated information in a straight forward and understandable way. His business/financial background (management consultancy/accountancy) is complemented by his people-focused counselling and listening skills. He has extensive experience in the commercial, educational and church-related world. Keith hails from Merseyside, is married and a father of three.

Personal statement from Keith: "I understand something of the pressures and challenges in today's world, and the ease with which debt can become a real burden which is hard to bear. Helping people to find solutions to the debt crises people face is one of the most rewarding aspects to my consultancy work. Information provided in a sympathetic and supportive way, which connects customers to debt solution providers and leads to a debt-free and financially healthy future for the customer is fundamental to the Vincent Bond approach."