Tracey Best

Customer Care Team

Tracey Best

• 12 yrs experience in customer service
• 9 yrs working in the financial services industry
• Hard working and organised

Tracey started work in the travel and tourism industry, developing core communication skills which enabled her to provide a very high level of customer service. She then moved into the financial services industry working as a case manager for subprime mortgage lenders, specialising in mortgages for people who found themselves in financial hardship. Tracey has now worked for Vincent Bond since June 2009 and her organised approach and good attention to detail allow her to prepare cases thoroughly, ensuring the process is as smooth as possible and ultimately successful.

Personal Statement:

It is so easy to obtain unsecured credit these days that it is not surprising that many people are having trouble with creditors and falling into increasing amounts of debt. People need to remember that they are not alone and that we are here to connect people to providers that can process debt solutions for them. I want to help people to take control of their debt and make them feel positive about the future and not embarrassed about the past.

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